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Azure - Arm Templates


Step 1: Generate a new Runiac project

If you haven't already, generate a new Runiac project using the starter:

runiac new my-runiac-arm-project --url

Step 2: Run a deploy

Run a local deployment in the newly created my-runiac-arm-project folder:

runiac deploy -a <azure-subscription-id> --local

Open step1/default/main.json and start adding resources. Once ready to test run the same runiac deploy command.

Step 3: Run a destroy (Clean up)

Finally, You can clean up any resources that were created by runiac with the --self-destroy flag:

runiac deploy -a <azure-subscription-id> --local --self-destroy

That's it!

Congratulations! You've successfully run, modified and destroyed your Runiac project.

Important Notes

This example assumes you are using your own login credentials to deploy infrastructure. In a production situation it is recommended to use a service principal, especially if you intend to use runiac in a CI/CD pipeline.

In the context of an Azure YAML pipeline, you can obtain these values by setting the addSpnToEnvironment input to true on the AzureCLI@2 task.